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Title: Totally Lost
Post by: Pandemonium on February 02, 2019, 12:00:49 PM
I really dont know what to do.  My 18 year old has been self harming for over 4 years (that I know of) but it is escalating.  Since November she has called me away from work 3 times, the last time I had to take her to hospital and she got stitches in a very deep wound on her arm.  She has confessed that she is having suicidal thoughts.  She has been on the waiting list for 'Doing Well' since November but her first appointment isnt until the middle of March. 

I was out the house for one hour this morning and came home to find her sobbing in the bathroom with many cut marks on her arm.  She started to talk about suicide again then just shut down on me.  She is now in her bedroom and doesnt want to talk to me.

She has refused all suggestions for helpful contact numbers or organisations I have put to her.  I am scared to leave the house now and really dont know where to go from here.