Author Topic: I need to get my lazy bum back to work *SH mentioned*  (Read 341 times)

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I need to get my lazy bum back to work *SH mentioned*
« on: November 23, 2017, 02:26:29 PM »
Sorry if this is scrambled. ..

I've has far too long off 'sick' but I'm not unwell. I'm unsure what to do. I didn't cope well last time I was on JSA, I put myself in hospital many times because I couldn't cope with the interviews and the expectations of the 'claimant commitment'. I also get bad social anxiety and I freak out using public transport and can't handle groups or talking to strangers.
I should be working because I've had too long off and I'm sure the doctor is fed up with giving me sick notes because I'm not ill or at least I'm well enough to work.
Basically I need some support to help me get back into work and I don't know where to go. No one really seems to give a sh** about mental health and I'm not sure who can help. I also have the problem of explaining what happened at my last job, I don't think that walking out due to a meltdown is going to go in my favour  :fryingpan:.
To access work/employment services I'd have to go on JSA which I can't cope with. Where/what else can I go/do? If I get enough PIP I'm going to use it to get some counselling but there's no guarantee because I'm struggling so much for money. Plus it can take forever to get a decision on PIP (if I get anything at all) and I can't sit around on my arse waiting. I've also got the issue of uniforms especially since I'm a current 'self harmer'. How would I explain that if I'm on JSA? Jobcentres don't give a sh**. I've  made things so difficult for myself and I need to this sort out but I need some help to do so. Or do I wait indefinitely for the MH services who may or may not help? I struggle with exhaustion due to the night time panic attacks and I get sick and dizzy a lot due to anxiety. How do people cope with that at work?
What can I do? I feel frustrated, useless, stupid and stuck.  :banghead:
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Re: I need to get my lazy bum back to work *SH mentioned*
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2017, 04:56:04 PM »
I don't think you are ready for work just yet. But if you are determined have you thought about volunteering to build up your courage and stamina? When I first went into work from long term sick I went through the disability side of the job centre and did supported volunteering. Somebody found the placement for me and went with me to my interviews and then saw me regularly after that to check how things went. We built up my hours slowly so I wasn't overwhelmed. I decided at the end of the placement I wanted to continue volunteering there and wasn't ready for work yet. A few months later a job opportunity came up and I been working there part time since. I don't work full time as I worry about the effect on my mental health. We have to look after ourselves and if that means not working or only doing part time then that is ok. Don't give yourself a hard time.
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