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Everyday is more friggin mind games tonightís relate to pain relief and being given PRN lorazepam for sleep. 8 consecutively days of lorazepam and sometimes given for sleep so only one in the day.

Promethazine just made my limbs and body just uncontrollably jerk so I told the psychaitrist, he said we change it and itís offered to me tonight which I refused cos he knows the effects.

Had very strong urges since 6pm when staff twisted their mind game.

Anyone know how they transfer hospital.   Iíve totally had enough, they not going to treat anything just be a place of safety and Iíve got f*** all hope of recovery .

Want to walk and end everything, but gonna try transfer as another hospital is far better, staff donít bother to talk they just want to pop a pill,

I donít even know who is my named nurse or if Iíve met her, been here 6 days today.
Here and Now Room / Re: Canít keep up with my moods
« Last post by Tucan on Yesterday at 10:42:07 PM »
I am listening to you but I cannot help you reach the motivation. I am struggling with poor motivation myself. I think it becomes a habit when you are ill that it carries on when you better. Well at least that is what I think. I am not sure how to get around it. A cpn has suggested having a routine. E.g. do a on Monday, b on Tuesday etc. Could you try getting a personal trainer to help you? That why they could help motivate them.
Here and Now Room / Re: Canít keep up with my moods
« Last post by terrified heart on Yesterday at 10:32:29 PM »
Cheers guys x

*Trig food/weight stuff*

First, Iíve got to say I do not and havenít ever had an eating disorder and my view of my body/weight is not distorted. So today I got on my scales out of curiosity to find out my weight. Iíve not weighed in quite a while. Oh my god, I was shocked by what it showed. No wonder I can barely do up or breathe in my work uniform. Iíve not been this heavy since a 3 month inpatient stay in 2011. I knew my weight had been creeping up over the last year, but seeing the figure on the scales made me realise how bad Iíve let it get. Plus Iíve now started an AP which is notorious for weight gain, so I have to do something about this. I obviously know what I need to do - eat less, move more. I know all the science behind losing weight, but I still find it hard to put into practice. Itís the motivation side that always lets me down (in all areas of my life). I did several sessions on improving my motivation with a psychologist a few years back, but still fall back into old habits very easily.

I think another thing I find very hard, alongside motivation, is that I have no patience. If I donít see instant results I get very downhearted and give up. If Iíve got a goal of losing weight, and I canít see a difference in the first week I think itís a waste of time and give up. My logical bit of brain knows it takes time to physically see results and that if I persevere Iíll feel better in many ways, but my impatience seems to take over.

Anyone have any ideas on ways I can get myself motivated to keep going with this? I thought about getting a Fitbit so I can physically see my activity levels each day. Has anyone found one helpful? Iíve also downloaded a food tracker app. I was thinking of some kind of reward for each week Iíve stuck to it (not a reward for achieving x-amount of weight lost, just a reward for keeping to a plan and not giving up), but donít know what kind of reward to give myself? (Iíd usually reward myself with food, but thatís not a good idea for obvious reasons!)

I feel like Iím getting my life on track a bit more each day and my mood is so much more stable, so I feel like itís a good time to tackle the weight thing now. Iím definitely more motivated to do things when my mood isnít jumping all over the place.
Games Room / Re: A-Z of words with double letters 5
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Games Room / Re: The have you ever part
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Have you ever been for a walk at 3am?
Games Room / Re: Even More A-Z of animals!
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Games Room / Re: The OR game 4!
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Chickens or turkeys?
Games Room / Re: What was the last thing you watched?
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Despicable me 3
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Games Room / Re: What can you hear around you? 3
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Special features on despicable me 3 dvd.
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